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If you’re studying health and safety at University or in a VET course, or you’re a student who is thinking about a career in health and safety, the centre for Occupational Health and Safety (COH&S) strongly encourages you to become a student member. Student membership is a great way to begin to build your professional networks, and connect with experienced practitioners and professionals.

Insight, Expertise Knowledge and Support From Peers

The Institute contains experienced health and safety professionals who provide support and advice to colleagues through a range of peer support networks and programs including regional networks and branches, special interest groups and mentorship

Professional Development

Membership provides you access to an extensive range of education and professional development – either free or at heavily discounted member rates – that includes conferences, seminars, webinars and COH&S endorsed training courses. For example: Our national conference, or a single two-day course, each carry a discount equivalent to your full institute membership, and many of our webinars are free for members.

Trusted Information

  • COHS Body of Knowledge, maintained for the professsion on your behalf
  • The Quarterly OHS Professional Magazine, in electronic AND hard copy
  • Our Monthly newsletter which keeps you up to date with industry news, emerging training and professinal development, and special articles on emerging issues

CPD Planning

Many of our members use our CPD planning tool, to help them design and act on their annual learning needs.

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