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At COH&S, we offer a range of health and safety courses designed to enhance your knowledge and skills. Whether you’re looking to earn CPD Points, Certificate or peruse a Diploma, we have the perfect course for you.

Empowering individuals through comprehensive health and safety education programs

Our institute is dedicated to providing high-quality health and safety courses, ensuring individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create a safer environment for all.

At COH&S, we understand the critical importance of occupational health & safety issues in today’s dynamic work environments. Our institute serves as a beacon of knowledge and expertise, offering tailored solutions to mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and cultivate a culture of safety.


Explore Our Range of
Health and Safety Courses

Explore Our Range of Health and Safety Courses

At COH&S, we offer a wide range of health and safety courses to help individuals and organizations enhance their knowledge and skills. Our courses include CPD Courses, Certificate Courses and Diploma Courses.

Whether you are looking to advance your career or meet regulatory requirements, our expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum will ensure you receive the highest quality education.

CPD/Short Courses

Continuing Profesional Development courses for life-long learning and career growth.

Certificate Courses

Industry-recognized certificate course to validate your expertise and skills.

Diploma Courses

Comprehensive diploma courses for in-depth knowledge and professional development.

Membership Benefits & Features

Our membership plans offer a range of benefits and features to suit your needs. Whether you’re a technical professional, student, corporate, or affiliate, we have something for everyone.

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Explore our wide range of health and safety courses and choose the one that suits your needs. Sign up for a membership plan to unlock exclusive benefits and resources.

Frequently Asked

Find answers to common questions about our courses, memberships and approved training centres.

Are our certificates internationally recognized?

Yes, our university’s certificates are internationally recognized. We hold accreditations from respected international organizations such as SAIOSH, British Safety Council (BritSaf), University of Africa, and Africa Research University.

Yes, you can apply online, simply visit Enroll Now!, fill in the form and submit your form.

We take cash payments, eco-cash payments, bank transfers. You may contact us if you facing challenges with making your payment or if your convenient payment method is not listed.

To become a member, you can visit our membership page and choose from our various membership plans, including technical membership, student memberships, corporate memberships, and affiliate membership. Simply sign up on our website to get started.

As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, discounts on courses, and professional support. Join our community today to enjoy these benefits.

Yes, you can cancel once it expires. Kindly note that our membership plans are billed yearly hence plans can only be cancelled once they expire.

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